Special Section on "Nonlinear Theory and its Applications"

The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE), Japan

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The IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals announces a forthcoming Special Section on Nonlinear Theory and its Applications to be published in October, 2007. The objective of this Special Section is to discuss, through papers, new theories and applications in this field. The Special Section solicits paper submission particularly from, but not restricted to, people who presented new theories and applications in the 2006 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and its Applications (NOLTA2006, Royal Hotel Carlton, Bologna, Italy on September 11-14, 2006). Suggested topics include but are not limited to the following:

Chaos & BifurcationsChaotic Neural Networks Circuits & Systems
OscillationCellular Neural Networks Self-Validating Numerics
SynchronizationLearning & Memory Modeling & Simulation
Coupled OscillatorsPrediction & Identification Large-Scale Networks
CommunicationImage & Signal Processing Analog and Digital ICs
Chua's CircuitsNeuro Dynamics Distributed Networks
ControlEvolutionary Computation Power Systems
Complex SystemsOptimization Robotics
FractalsFuzzy Optics
SolitonBiocybernetics Chemistry
Applied MathematicsEconomics Physics

The submitted papers are edited by the Editorial Committee of Special Section. The deadline of the paper submission is November 30, 2006. Prospective authors are requested to follow carefully the submission process described below.

  1. Submit a paper using the IEICE Web site https://review.ieice.org/regist_e.aspx . Only a PDF file is acceptable. Authors should choose [Special-EA] Nonlinear Theory and its Applications as a Type of Issue (Section)/Transactions on the line screen. Do not choose [Regular-EA].
  2. Send Copyright Transfer and Page Charge Agreement and Confirmation Sheet of Manuscript Registration by postal mail (NOT by FAX or E-mail) to the following address:
Tatsushi Yamasaki
17-8 Ikeda-nakamachi, Neyagawa, Osaka 572-8508 JAPAN
Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering,
Faculty of Engineering, Setsunan University

Please do not forget to send Copyright Transfer and Page Charge Agreement and Confirmation Sheet of Manuscript Registration by November 30, 2006. We cannot start the review process without them, even if we receive the manuscript. For additional guidelines on manuscript preparation, please visit the following site: http://www.ieice.org/eng/shiori/mokuji_ess.html .

Please note that if accepted, authors are requested to pay for the page charges covering partial costs of publications. Authors will receive reprints.

[IMPORTANT NOTICE] At least one of the authors must be an IEICE member when the manuscript is submitted for review. Invited papers are an exception. We recommend that authors unaffiliated with IEICE apply for membership: http://www.ieice.org/eng/member/OM-appli.html .

Please note that if the number of accepted papers exceeds the limit, some papers may be published in the following transactions.

Editorial Committee of the Special Section

Guest Editors

Guest Associate Editors


For more information about Special Section on "Nonlinear Theory and its Applications", please send e-mail via this webpage.